The weather is always beautiful for all events that we hold!


We are a family friendly club and pride ourselves on this value. The club has been running for many years and is still growing. The club was conceived in the late nineteen-eighties (the exact date has been lost in the mists of time) and caters for everything from members’ fish and chip seaside visits to greenlaning days and even a spot of fund-raising thrown in.

Our members come from all over South Wales (even some in England), are aged from 2 to 92 and come from all walks of life! Ownership of a Land Rover is not necessary for joining the club - all enthusiasts are welcome! No matter where you are, we will welcome you! 

Although we need a management team to keep on top of everything, SWLRC is all about its members - our motto: "It's Your Club". We rely on our members more than anything, not only to turn up at meetings and events etc., but to provide new and fresh ideas to keep everyone satisfied.

With open minds and family friendly atmosphere there should be something for everyone and you are actively encouraged to get involved! If you think that you'd like to own a Land Rover and want to be convinced then come along and meet us!


Join Us

As stated earlier, we always have beautiful weather for shows. That isn't a big grey cloud, and it definately didn't rain and soak us all!


There are many benefits to joining a club, not least meeting great people. You won't find any here, but it's still good value for money... For just £20 a year you can join SWLRC. So what exactly do you get for your money?

  • Monthly meetings to meet other club members as well as enjoying some food and drink if you wish.
  • Exclusive member discounts at various online and retail outlets
  • Organised greenlaning events
  • Organised family inclusive events
  • Discounted organised attendance at both national Land Rover and local car shows
  • Access to the members area of our website
  • Take part in React4x4 our response service
  • Get insurance discounts with our partner Adrian Flux
  • Membership extends to cover all those living with you, so partners, children, etc. are all welcome at meetings

As an example, if you were to attend two paid shows as family, you would gain the value of your membership back in discounted tickets - that is without any of the other benefits - this is why we feel our membership is great value for money!




Our meeting area is so nice that even members partners that aren't interested in Land Rovers come along just for the ambiance!


We run monthly meetings at the Ffynnon Wen in Llanishen (Ffynnon Wen, Thornhill Road, Cardiff, CF14 9UA). What 3 Words: ///

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month except for December, and everyone is welcome to come along and see if the club is for them!

Not only is this a great place to meet other club members and spend all evening talking 'Land Rover', many of our members also choose to have an evening meal here too. The official meeting time is 19:30, but the area is reserved from 19:00 so if you would like to eat you can do so beforehand if you wish.

Once again it is family friendly, so you are welcome to bring everyone.