RW Area Map
The big day is fast approaching and everyone at RWAS and SWLRC are getting very excited and we hope you are too. 
There are still a few important details we have to share with you. The most important of which is which tickets you require and which entrance you will need to use. We’ll worry about everything else once we’ve got you all safely inside the showground! The ticketing system at the Royal Welsh showground is somewhat convoluted so apologies in advance if any of the following information seems confusing at first. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you need any clarification.
If not already received tickets will be posted this week. If you have not received your tickets by Monday of next week please give me a call on the number below. Depending on where you are camping and when you are arriving there are a number of tickets that will be issued to you and I’ll briefly list each here. 
Pre-fair Personnel (Small Square Pink) – each individual will require one of these upon entry to the showground if arriving at any time on the Friday or Saturday morning (before 9am).
Show Any 1 Day ADULT (white with tear off strip) – these are for entry to the show on the Saturday or Sunday and are required per individual
Vintage – (Blue with large black ‘H’) – these are vehicle passes and are required in order to enter via either of the display entrances at Horse Hill or Livestock. NOTE: If entering between 7pm and 1159pm on Friday through Livestock entrance your registration number MUST match what you have given us or you will be denied entry.
Caravan – (Green with large ‘M’) – these are vehicle passes and are required to enter via the caravan entrance for people staying in caravans/campers. Please display clearly in windscreen.
Tent - (Green with Large ‘M’) – these are vehicle passes and are required to enter via the tent entrance for people staying in tents. Please display clearly in windscreen.
Servicing (Red with large ‘L’) – for Saturday and or Sunday exhibitors only or for people not staying on the showground overnight.
There are four entrances around the showground that we will use. Worth noting that none of the areas are linked and you have to exit through the entrance you came in to get to another area of the showground. So for example if you have a caravan you will need to enter via Caravan entrance (with appropriate vehicle pass) to drop off caravan before exiting via same entrance and coming round to one of the two exhibitor entrances (again with appropriate pass) to get to the display area.
We have attached a map to make it easier for you to find all the relevant entrances but I will summarise them here also 
Horse Hill (Blue Pass) – entry via Horse Hill for access to the display between the hours of 12pm and 7pm on Friday 18th May. Entry to Horse Hill gate is off A483.
Livestock (Blue Pass) – entry via Livestock for access to the display between the hours of 7pm and 1159pm on Friday 18th May and between 6am and 8am on the Saturday and Sunday. Entry to Livestock gate is off A470.
Caravan/Tent (Green Pass) – entry via GREEN Caravan entrance for access to caravan and tent site. Entry to Caravan site is off A470.
Tent Car Parking (Green Pass) – entry via YELLOW Public Vehicle Entrance for tent car parking. Entry to Tent site car park is off A483.
Exhibitors Entry
Friday Exhibitors               12pm – 1159pmSaturday Exhibitors         7am – 8amSunday Exhibitors            7am – 8am
Show Opening
Saturday                              9am – 8pm Sunday                                 9am – 5pm
Strictly no vehicle entry after 8am on the Saturday or Sunday and no vehicle movement during show opening hours (with the exception of access/egress of the main arena which will be marshalled)
General Information
See the attached documentation for general information re the site and the camping arrangements
The Display
We have a number of vehicles, exhibits and marquees to be placed on the display site. Therefore great care has been taken to ensure all vehicles and equipment are given a pre-designated pitch. Upon arrival at the display area if you are not immediately approached by a member of the SWLRC RWAS team please wait to be shown to your designated pitch. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. The display area on the attached map are the white outlined areas to the right of the yellow RV3 box.
Arena Vehicles
Andy, our arena MC on the Saturday has shortlisted some vehicles already and will aim to quickly pop round for a chat with the vehicle owners on the day to gather some details re the vehicle beforehand. Unfortunately with all the will in the world we will not have the time or resources to safely get every single vehicle in the display in and out of the arena but we will try our best to get as many in, that want to go in, as possible. A copy of the Arena timetable is attached.
Cancellations & Changes
If for any reason you suddenly find you cannot make the event please, please let us know asap so that we can cross your name off our list. The registration number you have given us is also very important. If you change vehicles for any reason please let us have the updated reg plate number asap. If there are any other changes you think you might need to make us aware of, again, please contact one of the team or myself as soon as you possibly can.
We have included along with this email a number of attachments that will help you get the best out of your stay at the showground. Please take the time to read and digest them before your arrival.
Again, if the above is at all unclear please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07887474243. Finally then, all that remains is for us to say have a safe journey and we will look forward to seeing at the showground.
Kind regards,
Marc and the SWLRC team