Membership fees are due! in April and are still fantastically good value at £25 for new members & £20 renewall before April 30th , We would obviously love everybody to renew!

One of the things affecting our membership records is the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. Basically the GDPR says that we cannot hold a person’s private information for longer than is necessary, or use it for a reason that it has not been provided for.

Members’ details have always been kept private and secure and only used as necessary for administering club business, and that will continue to be the case, but in order to ensure that data is not kept any longer than necessary we are encouraging all members to renew their membership online. This means that we have a clear record of when the information was received, and it can then be easily deleted when a person reaches the end of their club membership, and does not wish to renew. To that end, if anyone receives this email and does not wish to renew their membership then by all means let me know and I will remove your details from our system.

To renew your membership online, simply visit http://www.swlrc.co.uk/the-club.html and click the Renew Membership link. (You’ll need to be logged in. When renewing if you’ve forgotten your Membership Number just enter 999, or similar so that we know that you’re a scatterbrain).

If anybody has any questions about when they last paid membership, or how to log onto the site, or anything unrelated that’s keeping you awake at night then please let us know! (email addresses in Contact Us page.

Of course, if you're not already a member, come along to a monthly meeting, see if the club's for you, and then you can join online too!