Have the lengthening days started you thinking, like us, about long summer days and camping? Then why not sign up to join us on the weekend of Friday 15 to Sunday 17 June, when we will be winding our way westward to the Ancient City of St. David's in Pembrokeshire? (We obviously won't be travelling in a straight line though - the journey could possibly go as far north as Mid-Wales...).

We'll be running two trips - the Planned and Unplanned trips!

As per last year's Unplanned trip to Anglesey we will hopefully find a campsite along the way, and if not, no doubt find a layby where we can stop! Caravans are obviously not allowed as this trip is only for hardy souls!

The planned trip, on the other hand, will be for those that complained continuously all the way to Anglesey last year about cold tents and slowly deflating mattresses. Caravans will be used on this trip! Campsites will also be arranged prior to setting off to make sure that there are electrical hook-ups, staff to blow gently on overly hot food, etc.

What type of person are you - the kind tha takes a Planned or Unplanned trip?

See the forum for further details and to add your name!