It's nearly the end of January, and how many people's New Year's Resolutions have collapsed, or are prooving harder to keep then expected? Good intentions of eating more healthily, or drinking less altogether can be a lot trickier than expected, but there is one easy thing that everyone can do to make this year better than the last - join a club of like minded individuals doing something that you enjoy! Now, I'm not saying that it has to be a Land Rover club that you join, but it might certainly be a good idea if you're interested enough in Solihull's finest products to have visited the site!

The above photo is of one of our outings last year. You know how it's embarrassing when you go somewhere and someone else turns up in the same outfit? Imagine how bad we felt - we'd hadn't arranged to all look the same!

This year we have another exciting year of events and get-togethers planned. The second Thursday of every month we meet in the Plum Tree for a very informal gathering. They do a very nice menu if you are keeping to that diet, but want a monthly treat to look forward to! Then our year kicks off in fine style over Easter weekend - we decided at the end of last year's camping season that it would be a splendid idea to have a shakedown weekend to try out all of our existing camping gear, or that bought in the sales over the winter, to see just how ready we are for the coming season. If you're keen we even have a member looking to sell their fully kitted out camping trailer!

Following our cold glorious Easter weekend of camping (I say Easter - you don't need to be a Christian to come along - we'll take all denominations, and we don't get any more spiritual than singing Kumbaya...) the next thing is our End of Year party in April! There'll be dancing a'plenty, and if you can remember it, then you certainly weren't there!

Then comes our showcase event of the year! Last year, it being the seventieth anniversary of the invention of the centre-steer prototype we had a club trip to Anglesey. This year it'll be even better as we're going to St. David's, so not even the unpleasantness of leaving South Wales to daunt us!

And what's to follow that? We're not entirey sure yet, as Dr. Emmett Brown will tell you, your future hasn't been written yet.

If you're looking for the recent past, however, here's a handy look back at some of the things we did last year!