Haynes MM

One club member was approached by museum staff, who seeing the Land Rover t-shirt asked him if he knew who had parked the ambulance outside!


It’s been a busy few weeks within the club!

On the Sunday before the August Bank Holiday we headed for Somerset, and the Haynes Motor Museum. We hoped to drive to the site in convoy, and with Tom owning a 110 Station Wagon we decided the wiser, cheaper and more ecological thing to do would be to get as many passengers as possible and managed to fit in just two vehicles. We're not sure if two cars can be called a convoy, but either way, I'm sure that more than one of us had C.W. McCall playing in our heads as we pulled away from the service station meeting point.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. We were saddened that there was only one Land Rover on display at the museum, but despite that everybody made a mental list of what they'd like to drive away if only they won the lottery!

We shall certainly visit again!



Dave spends time wondering if it was something that he said that made him so unpopular! 


Hot on the heals of the museum visit came the camping weekend! With the evenings drawing in, and schools just about back, we though we best squeeze in a weekend of camping before Autumn completely took over! And in terms of weather we very nearly managed it!

We camped at Llangattock, at Park Farm. They have a field that is set beside the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal, and is separate from the rest of the campsite, and on several occasions now we have booked this field just for ourselves. 

Dave was first to arrive, and feeling a little lonely took the photo above. Luckily, more people did arrive eventually, and Friday night and Saturday were spent in lovely early September sunshine, and much kite flying (younger members) and beer sampling (older members) took place, along with a gentle midday stroll into Crickhowell on Saturday for a spot of dinner.

We couldn't hide from the weather forever, and true to Dave's premonition of rain, we awoke on Sunday to hear heavy rain! It wasn't a bad thing, however, as it focuses the mind on packing up, and a freshly brewed coffee always tastes better when made on a stove in a downpour! 

The weekend was a success, and it was decided that next year both the Spring and Autumn will be celebrated with a camping trip at both ends of the show season! Book your place now!


Misty Llangattock

Amanda was up bright and early on Saturday to capture a beautiful misty landscape. If Dave had arrived in the mist he might not have realised that he was alone!